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RAINBOW CUSTOMS CLEARANCE SERVICE CO.,LTD.add;Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Tianjin/Beijing/Hongkong


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France honey import agent How much does it cost?

France honey import agent How much does it cost?
We set up our own worldwide logistics network, network all over the world more than 200 countries and regions; In mainland China  outlets throughout all one, secondary cities, with many domestic offices and taking a stake in the company, effective coverage, radiation more than 400 cities across the country. We mainly engaged in the electronic commerce distribution, Hong Kong import and export, international express delivery, general trade customs declaration, shipping, air, etc. We always carry out the tenet of "customer first, service first", can provide worldwide, including operation process, the mode of transportation, service time "quantity body planted garment" type of integrated logistics solutions, and reduce logistics costs, improve market together with the customer strain ability and competition ability.
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